Advantages of Utilizing a Router Table

In the previous articles, there are many readers ask me how to choose the best router table and its advantages. Today, in this article, I will answer both of them. Firstly, you can visit woodworkingbuddy and read its router table reviews to know how to choose the best one. In terms of its benefits, below is my answer:

  • Speed and Precision:


After using router table a certain time, most users can realize that one of the big advantages of utilizing a router table is that its high accuracy from utilizing a mounted model in a table setup, unlike a handheld model.  Whilst any machines’ actual precision depend on the way of using a router table, unlike the handheld model, the router table’s cutting bit is fixed even allowing the workpiece to pass along, not be moved in any directions.

Moreover, the accuracy will let users apply substantial pressure on the work piece in cases that the model’s vibration is causing the wood for shaking and sliding on the table. Allowing same pressure on the router or the work piece in the handheld router setup will definitely result in the machine knocked off course & in this turn, the result is in irregular & poor cut.

In terms of speed, because you don’t need to worry about the model going off course, you are able to move the wood piece at a rapid pace even obtain a decent cut. It is able to improve the woodworker’s output very much.

  • Complex cuts and Inlay Work:

Complex cuts and inlay work

Primarily, a handheld router means that cutting in geometric patterns or in straight lines. Thus, irregular wood pieces or something relates complex patterns will need a fixed router bit with the capacity of letting you manoeuvre the workpiece as desired without adjusting the machine in anyway. Not to mention, to achieve that feat, the router table is the only method.

In fact, several router tables are equipped extra typical slots for pins in order to act as the router markers for wood pieces whilst others learning the way of building a router table come with specific pins & workpieces for customizing the surface of the table, according to the workpiece’s shapes involved.

Actually, the complex inlay work’s convenient handling is also one of the advantages of utilizing a router table. Cutting patterns or inlay work within your workpiece is also the plunge router’s a special feature. A plunge router is able to be run without using router tables whilst they usually require frames coming with router table for precision & stability. Therefore, to do any projects relating to inlay work, a router table is also an important part.

  • The Depth of Cut:

The depth of cut

Normally, it is said that it is easier to adjust the cut’s depth, in the event of your handheld router without being bogged down by the only table. Maybe, it’s correct for simple cuts allowing to adjust quickly; offering users the highly experienced router & knowing the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing say a ¼” and ½” bits. With more complex cases, It can be hard to handle a handheld router many times even the precision’s lack can cause the difference of bit depths, create the uneven and jagged edges at places.

On the other hand, router table has an easily accessible, fixed bit lending itself for modification rapidly. Thanks to this, it is easier to select and modify the cut’s depth even for woodworkers having little experience or tasked with complex multi-depth cuts. What’s more, because all of the cuts are improved their accuracy, the multi-depth cut’s last result is a workpiece with its smooth & well-defined edges.

  • Maintenance Enhanced:

router table Maintenance

It is quite easy to maintain a router table as the sawdust will end up getting into the model’s niches left on the table. There is a small portion moving onto the router and under the table.

However, that doesn’t mean the router part doesn’t need to be maintained. Just since it must be removed from the mount, the maintaining process is not too tedious. In fact, you just need to vacuum the bit assembly from the top, you can get rid of a part of dust from the router simply. That also means it is extremely simple to maintain the router’s reattachment and actual removal.

My name is Henry J.Mosley, I live in the suburbs of Dallas Texas and I’ve recently retired and sold off my router table business. My wife and I have 2 kids that are all old enough to be out of our hair for now. Interesting stuff, I know, but I with so much time on my hands I’ve decided to share my industry knowledge online to give me a project to work on and try to help some people out. Enjoy!

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