How to Care and Clean Your Home Properly

Whether regular homes to clean, cleaned up, but could not avoid the unpleasant odors caused from household items such as furniture, beds, wardrobes, floor mats …

Benzene in gasoline, paint, ink, rubber, and plastic … The quality of the foam insulation formaldehyde glues floor mats … We tend to cause irritation and negatively affect health, so you need to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Living room:

To be ventilated the room, you need to regularly open the gates to the wind filled in, blowing away the odor pollution. Landscaping and planting should regularly put a vase of fresh flowers to help enhance the appearance of deodorant and vivid room space. In case your living room with the smell of tobacco more, try to eliminate them by candlelight on, just a few minutes, the smell of smoke will disappear. In addition, the odor of the flowers, fruits and herbs are all ideal for the living room. You take a drop aromatherapy geranium mixed commission on swab, carefully wrapped in a paper towel and stuffed into the back of a small pillow on the sofa.

how to clean and care your living room


To always smells soothing, aromatic wax you remember to set the corners of cabinets, beds … or maybe for the mid quilt cover sheets and bedding sheets if your body is not too sensitive. Also, the fragrance has been proven to bring good sleep for you, not to mention jasmine, lavender and vanilla aroma from the tree.

Dining room and kitchen:

┬áDining room and kitchen smell disappear when you use the device to be mounted on cones kitchen, ventilation fans, electric to absorb all odors arise. Or maybe little roasted coffee beans, not roasted over the fire, pulverized and placed in the corner of the kitchen. Orange peel, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit … also help deodorize burned efficiently.


Bathrooms need to ventilate and dry. You should choose a laundry detergent, bath soap to smell in addition to using them while reducing the odor arises. Bath oils, scented soap, and shower gel will spread in the room with the characteristic aroma of your own. Additionally, you select less fragrant flower is sweet again absolute freshness. Bathrooms often have an unpleasant smell, so you need to hang the box camphor or pomades to deodorant. To avoid smelly, floors need proper slope to prevent condensation of water and to ensure the necessary ventilation

Art of caring home

Each object has its place. When finished cleaning up messy piles of furniture feels the peace increased. Nothing gives me comfort in a home of peace and neatly arranged.

So the housewife, please spend a little time to rearrange their homes because of work that will help you have a happier nest. However, there are ways to do any practical principles, and useful accompanying relief work will cause fewer headaches and more. Refer to these tips.

Art of caring home

  1. Keep careful some artwork is not meant to be kept all the pictures of the kids.
  2. When you know exactly where to search your belongings, we will have a sense of greater control over their lives. The removal of clutter makes the burdens of everyday life lighter.
  3. Decide clean each box drawers, each drawer, each drawer one to review each item that we owned. Let’s put a few questions as if someone in the family to use them? Does anyone like them? They should be repaired or replaced if damaged? Especially we were in the right place?
  4. Need exquisite attention to something so trivial as dusty glass candlestick, fingerprints on doorknobs, bathrooms fist tank, empty cereal boxes in the fridge .. to discover what need improvement and change.
  5. With clothing, costume, wear anything as much as possible. We will be useless if kept in the closet. Instead of just going to wear to wear the clothes, wear full rotation.
  6. How to get there where it clean.
  7. Abandoning the project. A lot of the clutter cyclone in each apartment is often the presence of unfinished projects.
  8. Only buy what you need. Something was rotten leave immediately.
  9. Happiness is not there more or less that is desired and using what we have.
  10. Know decided to retain something. Things never give them to each box, build memories.
  11. Be gentle with the furniture gifts. Be aware courage to refuse these gifts in the conference (coffee cups, T-shirts, shopping bags … what is considered surplus to need, for I, have had enough). It should also be set to ignore the opportunity to purchase promotions.
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