Cordless Impacts Are Definitely Worth the Price

As a mechanic, I own many types of fastening and removing tools for each specific purpose of my job. To work efficiently with varieties of different vehicles, I need the right tools to operate precisely. When I started my career about twenty years ago, not many people think much about cordless tools. We get used to power drills and air wrenches for a long time.

But in the last ten years, more and more mechanics began to use cordless tools in both construction and mechanical field. So I decided to try my luck to find the best cordless impact wrench with my low budget. I purchased a cheap cordless drill from a local shop but unfortunately it didn’t last long. Its motors burned after using a short time.

cordless tools

I thought it was stupid wasting money on cordless tools.

Thus, I didn’t consider buying any of them again for several years. Even though all my colleagues had at least a cordless impact wrench, I was persistent with my air powered impact. Sometimes later, I left the workshop and chose to work in a truck store near my home.

However, cordless tools were like ghosts that kept haunting my mind after leaving my past job. Recently I’ve finally surrendered and bought a 1/2” cordless impact wrench. But I still didn’t have the confidence to use it in the store because I don’t want to make any mistakes in front of my new boss. So I only used it when working outside or repairing at home.

In my mind, the cordless impact wrench didn’t have enough torque as my air powered impact does. As a result, I just touched my cordless impact several times in its first three months. But after using it more often, I found that cordless tools are very convenient to move around and they need no time to set up.

One day when my boss was driving his John Deere 850 Loader Tractor, he called me to have its bolts tightened on the rim. As he might be in a hurry and I’ve had my hands busy with the 1/2” cordless impact wrench, I had no time to change for my air powered impact. So I just grabbed the cordless impact, went to my boss’s place and handled his problem.

I didn’t know whether the cordless impact was compatible with this task or not because it was its first time using on a tractor. Even though I was kind of worry, I still considered this chance was a valuable test to know how far I could use my 1/2” cordless impact wrench in other fields. A whole week went by and the bolts were as hard as they were after my tightening.

The boss also gave me a compliment and asked about the tool I used.

After rain comes fair weather, the cordless impact was in my hands every time I needed an impact for a job. It finally feels like I’ve caught up with my mechanical colleagues.cordless drill

After saving enough money, I decided to buy a cordless drill to replace my old one. One month later, my toolbox had a new partner- the 3/4-inch cordless impact and it’s very convenient. Now if I don’t have to use an impact in such a long time, the cordless tools are definitely my choice. I like to use them every day.

Comparing with ten years ago, cordless impact wrenches are now worth the money you pay. Not only they have better torque to complete any tasks, their life services are much longer than before. After using cordless impacts quite enough time, I think there are some reasons below to own at least one of them:

  • Torque: Nowadays, the torque of cordless impact wrenches is enough to fasten or remove any bolts or nuts.
  • Efficiency: The batteries last about twice as long as the old models and I only need 10-15 minutes to charge them to full mode if using Rapid Charge batteries.
  • Convenience: Storing several spare battery packs in the case, I’m confident to bring the cordless impact along instead of the air powered impact. I can save a lot of times because it’s not necessary to look for a fixed electricity supply or drag the electric lines around the shop. Especially, it’s safer when it comes to any electrical accidents.
  • Price: The prices of cordless impacts are higher compared with air powered impacts depending on their brand. However, I have a better quality tool and more advantages with just extra dollars. It means worth the price.

If you’re an automotive mechanic who has some private services after garage time, it’s your time to think about purchasing a cordless impact wrench for your job. Despite the fact that I’m not a wise consumer in the first place, I still think that quality is the most important thing in any products. A cordless impact with better quality and a good brand name (even costs extra money) is absolutely my choice.

Jose A. Brown is an expert in mechanic equipment services who is the founder of He also likes to sharing tip trick and writes many interesting article and blog, helping people in understanding his field of work. He always writes the best article helping people to know how to buy and use the right tool for their works.

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