Experience of Purchasing the Double Stroller for Children

Experience of Purchasing the Double Stroller for Children

The double car is the indispensable item for each family while caring for children. You can find out here to see the best double stroller for travel on the market today and flatten this article, some notes and practical experience of the buyers when choosing a double stroller

First up the search for the double stroller for children that match the age of the baby, for the baby stroller select under-month-old range is simple, according to the information, I learn from the baby stage 8-month-old baby’s bones were sturdy.

Usually, the children’s stroller is divided into three categories:

  • Type 1: A full three car lying down, sitting and reclining the handle can be reversed, this vehicle particularly suitable for babies aged between 0-3 years old.
  • Type 2: Full three vehicles lying down, reclining, sitting can not handle this kind of change is particularly suitable for babies from 4 months with capital – 3 years old.
  • Type 3: 2 trolley is reclining, and sitting posture can not handle this kind of reversal suitable for babies six months and older

Should Not Buy The Old Double Stroller

 Buggy Kinderwagen and Luxus Kinderwagen

My son is eight months old choosing baby stroller for more flexibility, depending on the preferences and financial condition that may choose 1 in 3 babies any kind to use are after identifying vehicles suitable for use by children age I started looking to the address to buy the stroller:

  •  I searched google and found out quite a lot of addresses for sale combi stroller different look over on sale pictures and found the vast majority of which are said to be selling new cars to 90% looked very nice, and the price is reduced to 50% compared to the new products.
  • I have tried asking, they call transfer request before 50% then they will send the goods, but because of the strike before making a purchase is liquidated, the old second-hand goods should not be too confident in the picture upload photos that the seller, and should not transfer until they see the goods, I chose the 5 sites that sell old combi trolley posted image most satisfied and most quilts priced to see the goods in person, via 5 photos of the show has to address is the address where virtual 3, only 2 addresses the following is true and also choose to buy a stroller 1 old is also quite satisfactory.
  • After all, my experience to share with the mother are intending to buy strollers old saying, consider carefully never believed in the images posted to suppliers that seek to take place to verify merchandise quality directly, and not absolute transfer before the sale.

Experience of purchasing double stroller for children of a mother

Original Snap-n-Go Double Stroller with Toddler Attachment

3-month-old baby to my house I also intend to buy him a stroller do not know what I should buy matching 3-month-old baby? And where they should buy quality assurance? After half a day searching for information sharing my experience with the mother as follows:

The mother should find the appropriate product

To choose to buy the stroller fit the age of the baby is not hard, I searched on the internet and saw a 3-month-old baby should choose to buy these cars are full Stroller 3 recumbent sitting and reclining the handle can reverse, according to the advice of some of the pages online. After a final weigh I decided to buy one. My next step was to address cardiac earn to buy.

Selecting the prestigious address to buy the baby stroller

  • The current reality on the market there are many sites that sell various stroller, so I do not know how to choose the address as the advice of some colleagues in the company.
  • They should buy in system hypermarket network reputed to ensure product quality as well as price pressure from being sellers; I chose to buy at supermarkets.
  • Add one more winning experience for any parent is to choose online shopping sites with the phone number to order .. by the site so often that of a large-scale company with customer care department such attentive customer will better ensure the quality of products and warranty service after sales care.
  • Depending on your needs using the appropriate selection. For example, the house has two children can choose double stroller. Home or go out, move away should choose a compact, easy to carry and easy to fold open. If necessary use a lot, can choose the type of versatile stroller. Also, consider the factor of the area where the car selection again.
  • With the family car, check the size stroller and car trunk, can not avoid cases fit into the trunk of the trolley to move. Can choose a lightweight stroller, with buttons to flip the car back just holding him, just in case the bag under the car must regularly take her up and down stairs.
  • Need to check the information on the brand, the durability of the vehicle and the accompanying items you buy. According to a previous study in England, young parents pushing inward presence often laugh, or communication and sleep, suggesting lower stress levels and when children grow up less well than psychological stress.

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