Tips for Choosing the Air Compressor for Your Work

In this article, I will give useful information about air compressors and air compressor reviews. So you can choose the most suitable product for your work.To be able to choose to buy an air compressor in accordance with needs, you should follow these six steps:

  1. Selecting the power:

 Air Compressor powerYou must to know the total extend about the use of gas appliances, the flowing gas (m3/h and l/min). The summary of gas flowing in air compressor is the total gas flow for all of instruments is added 25%.

Traffic Flow Compressors = (1 + Instruments 1 + Instruments 2 + …. + Tools n) x 1:25

  1. Select Power:

If you have a separate room for the machine, you can choose a machine with a large noise level. If using the machine with the device and close workers, should choose a machine with a good sound insulation.

  1. Selection of accessories for compressors

Because the air supply to the compressor must require purified and dry, not humid so, you need to have a full range of filters. If to avoid affecting the environment in the sensitive conditions such as in the food industry and production of drugs, you must select the machine without oil

  1. The quality of product.

With a good quality product, reliable operation from brand manufacturers has well (power consumption, good spare parts, maintenance costs are reasonable …) will reduce downtime long and ensuring continuous operation.

  1. Choose products from famous brands:

You should consider the services of the provider, the spare parts. Choose products with good brand means maintenance services; customer care is very reassuring for buyers

Note the Use of the Air Compressor System

When the air compressor systems are placed in the appropriate place, ensuring some technical requirements and regular maintenance, the use of computer time will be longer, and you do not have to repair the damage errands, or tolerate the excessive noise of the machine…

Environment compressor setEnvironment compressor set

Must have appropriate places to put the compressor, it is best to plant in a room to meet the following requirements:

  1. Spacious and bright enough to operate and maintain, the machine is kept insulation surrounding wall and ceiling at least 1.2 meters. The room should have adequate ventilation door.
  2. The environment is not too hot (<40 ° C) and dust, the machine needs a cooling fan with greater traffic flow compressor fan.
  3. Pay attention to the direction which can affect the ambient temperature increases

If ensure good conditions on the machine will be less gathering dust and acidification, and other types of corrosion will be slower. If the air quality under the best standards; you should install the equipment to clean the air filter.

With the structure of the box and placed on price, this type of compressor can move around on the floor. If you move upstairs, you have to have safeguards to avoid abrasion.

The requirements of the electric system installation

  1. Put in a system that provides an independent source for the machine; it can prevent the overload or the 3-phase unbalanced when connected to other devices and 3-phase voltage stable fit the nominal voltage of the motor, the voltage range with a tolerance of 5% nominal voltage.
  2. Select the correct power cable required a machine.
  3. Percentage of output and motor must be the same.
  4. Check to avoid leakage (leaking) of the gas pipe or water pipe.

Daily work

  • Check the electrical system safety:
  • Check safety pipe system
  • Check the position of the valve in the effective state, the gas output valve open.
  • Power on and boot the machine’s peripherals such compressed air dryers before.
  • Start the compressor and make sure it is working normally, such as when runtime starts, the noise when the machine is running, vapor pressure, pressure lubrication, the temperature of the atmosphere and a full record set of data.
  • After a while, check the oil level, if the lower or lower limit, the amount of lubricant added as required.
  • If you notice unusual signs, press “OFF” or the emergency button, just restart after resolved damaged

The important attention when operating the machine

  1. Stop the machine immediately upon the occurrence of any unusual sounds.
  2. Do not loosen pipes, bolts and screws do not open or close the valve when there is pressure.
  3. Filling the oil return if the oil is too low.
  4. The operator should suit the changes include pressure system pressure, temperature systems, different partial pressure, oil level and uptime.

Care and MaintenanceCare and Maintenance

The amount of lubricant is an essential factor affecting the performance and operation of screw compressors. If oil shortage causes some damage to the compressor, so please use special oils screw compressors. Special oils for screw compressors with very good quality, at about 66o C viscosity very suitable for screw compressor elements and it is against degradation, it is difficult to dissolve in water to form or frothy milk and anticorrosive, etc …

Oil change cycle:

Should initial oil change after 500 hours of machine operation

In later times replaced after about 2,000 hours should replace the use of the mineral oil-based machine, or longer to 8000h if using synthetic oil.

(Environment not as good as dust, high ambient temperature, makes time using short oil)

Change the oil and oil filter:

  • Close the drain valve slowly to allow the compressor is not loaded for 3 minutes.
  • Stop the machine and turn off the power.
  • When the pressure in the oil separator – gas off, opens the newly pressed oil slowly rotating machines just about ten laps.
  • Use open special equipment to remove the oil filter, place it in the oil and clean when no oil leak.
  • Remove the oil filter.
  • Remove the oil plug and valve road back to lubricant oil automatically flows into the oil tank, and prevent oil pollution.
  • Close the oil valve and put the oil fill plug lubricating oil to the limit, add the oil lid.
  • To the machine stops operating after about 5 minutes, check the pressure system of the gas cylinder head. When the oil level is maintained stability is OK

I’m Philip L. Floyd, a member of team, who thoroughly enjoys researching about Air compressor products. I hope my reviews can help you to choose the right products fit with your needs.

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