What are Two Natural and Best Ways of Cleaning the Grimy Showerhead?

What are Two Natural and Best Ways of Cleaning the Grimy Showerhead?

I would like to share the most over and over again complaints about the showerheads which could be heard is always about how grimy, dirty & lime scale annoyed showerheads become with hard water. Moreover, the severe hardness of the water might result in blocked up heads & unappealing showerheads, which have become crusted with such an unhappy layer of the unattractive grime.

Occasionally, people would only give up & throw their showerheads away & buy new ones. Still with only a few effortless steps, people are able to bring back old moen handheld shower & moen showerhead to unspoiled & untouched state they originally bought them in once.

Here, I would like to discuss some perfect and recommended methods when it comes to cleaning the showerhead in order to offer it the new spark & removing the dirt & built up microorganisms, which could be extremely dangerous to health.

Some best & reliable products to utilize

before and after cleaning showerhead with vinegar

Now, here an important question is what are some best & reliable products to utilize? It is important to share that if people walk down the cleaning isle of different super markets they would observe that now there are the huge range of the washroom cleaners, from rust cleaners, emerald scale cleaners, white spot cleaners, corrosion cleaners, in short the list is quite big.

  • Usually, these kinds of the chemical cleaners always come in 2 different types namely Alkaline cleaners and Acidic cleaners.
  • The standard ingredients of the acidic cleaners are nonionic or anionic surfactants, acids (citric, phosphoric & hydroxyacetic), sodium EDTA, citrates, glycol ethers and alcohols.
  • Furthermore, the classic ingredients of the alkaline cleaners are sodium EDTA, sodium carbonate, nonionic or anionic surfactants, alcohols, glycol ethers, sodium hydroxide and citrates.
  • Acidic-based cleansers are not constantly ideal for shower surfaces and tiles as they could damage enamel surfaces therefore, be cautious of this.

While utilizing any kind of the chemicals in the washroom, users must always be extremely careful because washroom is the place where most of their skin is simply exposed & they inhale hot humid airs. Moreover, it is constantly beneficial to simply go down the highly natural route when it comes to cleaning products.

However, in case of the cleaning grime & lime gauge from user’s head he is unable to go past a accepted power of the white vinegar. Some of the methods are as follows:

Method # 1- Remove Showerhead

Tie a Bag of Vinegar Around Your Showerhead

It is important to note that if users could be concerned to remove a showerhead then it is considered as an ideal method of offering it the best clean, carrying it always back to conditions it was originally in.

Step One:

  • With the monkey wrench, eliminate the showerhead from a pipe, which is fixed to it, or in case it is fixed to the shower hose & afterwards remove handheld showerhead from metal hose.
  • It is important to remember that immediately after removing showerhead water would constantly run out from exposed pipe therefore, be cautious not to slipup.

Step Two:

Now, put showerhead into the thick bottomed hob top container.

Step Three:

Afterwards, fill the container with the white vinegar ample to completely suppress the showerhead & ensure that showerhead is floating mainly on topmost of vinegar & not reaching the uppermost of the container.

Step Four:


  • It is advisable to turn on the stove & firmly cook the vinegar never boil it.
  • Always keep a careful eye on this during the whole time & ensure that temperature never get extremely hot & do not leave it unattended.
  • Resting upon that how much muck and scale is simply attached to head is related to how long people must simmer the showerhead for.

Step Five:

When a lime scale & other pollutants have sloughed away simply from showerhead, remove head from vinegar. Moreover, at this particular time, people might be willing to utilize the toothbrush for removing any stubborn blemishes & persistent lime scale in an easy way.

Step Six:

Rinse again & reattach the showerhead, afterwards run water via the showerhead for some minutes in order to ensure that all lime scale and contamination is thoroughly removed from internal of showerhead as well easily.

Method # 2- Cleaning with the showerhead attached

In case people are never willing to remove showerhead, then it is important to remember the little trick, which people could do to for cleaning the showerhead.

Step One:

It is suggested to find the zip lock container or even small bag of plastic, which thoroughly cover it.

Step Two:

To some extent pour this zip lock container with vinegar flawlessly.

Step Three:

In this step, place the zip lock container over face of showerhead thus making confirm that face of showerhead is immersed into vinegar easily

Step Four:

It is important to secure a bag with elastic or string bands onto showerhead & leave sudden

Step Five:

Next day, with the help of toothbrush, carefully brush a face of showerhead & remove the grime, contaminants and lime scale.

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